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Rekonstrukce kláštera - VČERA a DNES

Rekonstrukce Františkánského kláštera v Kadani - VČERA a DNES
Insered: 29.07.2015 | Photos: 12
Letecký pohled na klášter - včera a dnes Občerstvení Konírna - Včera a dnes Občerstvení Konírna - Včera a dnes Celkový pohled na klášter přes řeku Ohře - Včera a dnes

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14 Holy Helpers

The Fourteen Holy Helpers comprise a group of saints commonly worshipped in the Roman Catholic Church, whose intercession is highly effective mainly against various diseases.

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Saint Wenceslas Vintage Festival

Wine has belonged to Kadaň since medieval times; the vineyard right was granted to the city by Emperor Charles IV. 

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Kadaň Beer Festival

The monastery also brewed beer; a brewery was founded here in 1867. A historical rod hop-garden was established in the monastery gardens after the reconstruction in the 1990s.

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Franciscan Summer

From June to September every Sunday in the gardens of the Franciscan monastery.

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Brass Bands

The Festival of Brass and Jazz Bands of Elementary Schools is traditionally held by the local Klement Slavický’s Elementary School of Arts in the second half of June.

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